Doomsday Charades

by Pat Maine

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Doomsday Charades is the second full length album from Alive+Well Family co-founder, poet and live show suicide bomber Pat Maine. All produced by Vividend of Youth In Eyes. It's a drum heavy, face penetrating record that accents the Salt Lake City rappers diversity in conceptualizing and story telling. Doomsday Charades is an album that is the first of its kind within the realm of hip hop.

Better known for his word choice over classic boom bap sounds, on Doomsday Charades Pat Maine and Vividend create sound fit for a mind mosh pit. With heavy drums, beautiful strings and violent undertones the production carries Pat Maine's conceptual writing to a whole new level. Songs like the title track "Doomsday Charades" and "If You Build It" cling tight to the familiarity of the sound you may already know from Pat. While the first 3 tracks you hear on the album bring out a more iniquitous feel that might make you wanna punch someone just for the general purpose of doing so.

Beside a complete collaborative effort between MC and Producer, JNatural (bringing a beautiful hearty female attitude and vocal presence on "An Unnoticed Serenade") is one of several other collaborators aboard the Pat Maine rap train along with Sleep of The Chicharones, ECID and Pat's Alive+Well cohorts Dumb Luck, Burnell Washburn, Dusk and YZE . Camden Chamberlain is the co producer and engineer waiving his magic wand at the project. He has worked withGreat White and has had his own music published onThe Today Show, Americas Next Top Model, Real World and The Hills .


released December 11, 2012

All lyrics written and performed by Pat Maine.
Production by Vividend.
Recorded at Kitefishing Studios.
Features from Sleep, Ecid, Dumb Luck, Yze, Dusk, JNatural, and Burnell Washburn.



all rights reserved


Pat Maine Salt Lake City, Utah

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Track Name: Dinner Bells and Straight Jackets
(Verse 1)
This mic holds me like a C4 hostage
Yelling out hip hop needs more mosh pits
I lost my mind there's no reward on it
Metaphor highway, detoured conscience
I get depressed and hit the leaf blower on switch
and blow trees for all my good deeds gone wrong which
Makes it hard for me to lean toward modest
or keep form when the sky seems more godless
I live by my words, my lifes on the line
Hunger pangs, my labor fruit is ripe on the vine
I'm not hyped on my mind, my ego only hides
The fear of never getting what is rightfully mine
Every stormy night I put my kite in the sky
Hoping lightning will fly, it might be my pride
But weather death or revolution strikes me its fine
As long I'm not f**king 45 killing time
See I don't mask my pain I dress it up like my mascot
And give it platforms to showboat and hit the catwalk
Emotions spark, before they mix and matchbox
and viola I've made a fire out of Pats thoughts
Nobody told me which way is right
So I smile while I titty f**k with bitch name life
Track Name: Cave Life
(Verse 1)
Kinnetik where'd you learn rock, rock rock, said I was born in cave
and I make break beats with rock rock, rock break then I rap on acoustic wave
Cave man raised, sun moon praise
Suit made from what I couldn't fit on my food plate
Gotta tool made for defending mine
Jewelry made from an enemies spine
One mans back bone is another mans necklace
Survival makes man kind and man cruel
So one mans body in a million years is another mans fossil fuel


(Verse 2)
Im from an elevated cave carved out of a rock wall
If enemy came we only had to make rock fall
Boulder stop all, etched it in stone, yet survival's still a lost art
I watch star, keep ear to earth, for a meal to merk
Equipped with instincts and spear that works
Couldn't hear my words, I spoke in grunts
Cave art vocalized for a broken tongue
and I wrote it from, blood and swollen thumbs
A golden sun, told em what the days like
I may write it all in plain light
They look for deeper meaning only complicating cave life

(Verse 3)
Did I mention I roll in a clan
and we can make fire with just two sticks
Only elements controlled the land
We just give the land a sense of purpose
But then caveman came up with a plan
Now you control the land with just a purchase
But I wanna understand if human values dictate does it make the land worth less
Cause I'm pretty sure since way before we learned to burn shit
FOOD FIGHT FUCK is all we been concerned with,
Sure its time to do righteous stuff, through life and such
but its just food fight and fuck

Track Name: A Monster ft Sleep, Dumb Luck and Ecid
If its true what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger then damn I must be a f***king monster REPEAT X4

(Verse 1 Pat Maine)
Lightning bolt to the bolt in my neck, Its alive!
I made predator ready to find you
So if you would? just run while the running is good,
As a matter of fact you should stumble and could,
One of you just run in the woods, and trip on a root,
just like in one of them books, to hang in my dundeon hung on the hooks,
come in and look up under the roof, of the not so wonderful nook,
chemicals bubble and cook but just one touch and then poof turn a human to soot,
I really hope your ready but ready or not,
I've widdled the metal its ready to chop,
put your head on the block,
steady machete ya noodle til it is spaghetti and sauce,
mace you knot, till your face is off, a scene you'd hate to watch,
till the place is washed with abrasive salt and all of the yellow tape is it off,
they haven't made the law for me to break the law,
so pray the cops gotta cop to call or a squadron comes with not just guns or somebody has gotta come and save the cops,
looking at all of the mirrors on the wall, embrace all the fears thats are called,
when you see i don't have an appearance at all,
just a set of eyes that'll peer through your soul,
a knife that'll sear through your gall,
listening close to the voice in your head but all your hearing is AHHHH

(Verse 2 Sleep)

(Verse 3 Dumb Luck)

I'm a beast trapped in a cage, treated like shit, slapped in the face,
my captors afraid of the day I get my chance to escape when I snap in a rage,
can't wait till I snack on their brain feel their bones crack on my fangs,
feel their blood splash on my face,
it's fantastic when get your revenge and you massacre every mother f**ker in your sight,
sucka's wanna fight yeah right you gone say goodnight,
and you'll pay the price for f**kin with me everyday of my life,
an I don't need a blade or a knife, Nahh I got fists I got anger,
and you can get caught in the danger,
lost at the bottom of a creek with concrete Cleets on the opposite side of a monsters revenga,
tried to warn ya, you gonna be another notch in the war club,
I know that it's sick but I don't give a shit,
I look forward to being covered in your blood,
bath in the beauty of the blood shed, maybe even make it a movie called f**khead, looses his life cause he chooses to fight with a monster like dumb luck when he's upset,
then I'll have a f**k fest with your wife just so I can rub it in your face,
after I nut then I'm grabbing the club finishing the job and I'm crushing in your face, nice guys might finish last but we whip that ass when we get to the finish line,
hell brings me to your doorstep with a bell ring and I think that it's dinner time.

(Verse 4 Ecid)

I'm not an activist actively actually i'm an avid fan of over activity
Deactivated from the pack happily basking in captivity
Attracted to chemically em balanced facsimiles 
That cant manage to give a fuck enough to  adapt willingly 
My middle fingers been Willing me to victory since I was old enough to finger fuck the holy shit out of divinity-paying rent off mistaken mystery -such a dreamboat isnt he?
I was pissed off then I started pissing on cop cars until they committed me
Allergic to authority like a sorority slut Getting her mouth shut at Mickey D's 
so thankful my conception was sponsored by a broken rubber 
I smoked the meaning of life in a cracked glass blown bubbler
So All the answers are up in smoke- floating from poet to misquoted hustler 
Get a grip, get a job get a dog get of my dick and find a vagina to smother oh brother 
They couldn't pay me enough to play nice- I wanna break ribs
Lets break in to a bank just to say we did it and didn't take shit
I'm an angry cave man searching for a cave to claim
Where the flame is a gateway to gain amazement 
But you cant just wake up and escape your 
DNA good luck getting a replacement
Track Name: Petey and Edie
Petey had his mouth to feed,
he woke up to his house graffitied,
bank account depleted,
empty kitchen out of wheaties,
No answer per acquisition,
with misdemeanors convictions,
No job for his description,
in all the Terms and Conditions,

(Verse 1)
its been, much hotter this summer in the salt bed that he has grown in,
in the land of milk and honey but with non of the cream to go with,
employments low end better off selling salt rocks to snowmen,
hope knocks, he's got mail, unread inbox, double click and that quick its open, resume accepted 4:15 interview's the next step,
get clean in a suit thats been best kept,
he's thinking "lets bet another job lost when they get the background check back," learned to expect that, turns out they didn't check that,
marking the end of his money set backs,
hourly wages for makin up months lost and he's happy to sign that contract,
w4 form Pete's on that, training in the morning he can sleep on that,
reformat, to work on a call floor unready for his first contact,

Edey, had her kids to feed,
she woke up to her house graffitied,
bank account depleted,
empty kitchen out of wheaties,
No answer per acquisition,
with misdemeanors conviction,
No job for her description,
in all the Terms and Conditions,

its been a rough one for edith,
a single mother with 3 kids,
father keeps on the weekends,
only income she gets is child support when he can afford,
but on this morn she pulled her online bank report,
read negative 94, said plus 10 when she read it the night before,
$81.32 Deducted, from a web site that she was sucked in,
she bought it for a dollar something, thinking she can make some quick ducats, luck it seems it is not deploying, troubled water no longer buoyant,
overdraft fee to add to torment, sarcasm's laugh of enjoyment,
is the mode she grabs up the phone in, smile with blood thats boiling,
pressing keys with the frustration from 4 months unemployment,

Edey, had her kids to feed,
she woke up to her house graffitied,
bank account depleted,
now she's gotta deal with Petey,

she can't believe the racket that she ordered,
Money's been stolen, and she cant afford it,
she's got 3 little bears no porridge,
and there's not a thing to show for it,
Petey spoke like its all unimportant,
you didn't read fine print so now her we are,
the webs ain't safe to blindly put your card in,
all fee's none refundable - sorry,
he didn't care from the spot that he was sitting,
nothing gonna stop him from the money he was getting,
dog eat dog in a time of recession,
pre-marked box for the terms and conditions,
so now this is, permanently with him,
he woulda done different if he could have in an instant,
stop let the outsider listen, its 2 lost souls both fallen victim

Petey i got kids to feed,
even got out house graffitied,
bank account depleted,
and my kitchen's out of wheaties,
No answer per acquisition,
with my misdemeanors conviction,
No job fits my description,
in any Terms and Condition

thats when petey stops, realizes what he's become,
contributing the evil power money has over freedom,
seemed to touch a soft spot a place where he now bleeds from,
before he disconnected he said I feel you but no refund...
Track Name: If You Build It ft Dusk
(Verse 1)
I'd fall asleep to the thought of me ripping a show
Then dawn would creep I'd yawn and be too timid to flow,
was all a dream, the town I was living in yo,
was the epitome of every polygamy joke,
a city kid from sunny cultured california,
to a small town full of ol' church valley mormons,
minds as open as their sheltered family origins,
where free speech never heard a word that endorsed it,
til Alanis Morissette, but none of that fell interesting,
I bumped pac and buzzed off shel silverstien,
a poet before it was to live a dream
a rapper shortly after slim hit the scene, (Yeah)
same time every white kid to know rapped,
but my time and place I was the only kid that flowed and,
so 4 years part of me I didn't show cats,
I'd hold back but thats because I didn't know that,

If you build it hey will come,
your wasting too much time trying to satisfy the dumb,
holding your breath only sacrificed a lung
for a chance that you'd become,
better off with some other place to start from

(Verser 2)
But I learned to break small traits,
Couldn't stay by the phone incase fate called late,
I changed up the tone dialed fate,
call wait, awww great, So I headed to the great salt lake,
saw fake MC's eating off a way small plate,
all snakes living in the same crawl space,
jaws braced when I reached out the fangs caught taste,
got hate, hate taught me why local rappers hate salt state,
wow that was mouthful,
so much hate out fools just became doubtful,
some pulled out and never made a break out move,
out grew their dreams they didn't see a safe route to,
I treaded light and saw the lake drown crews,
learned from their mistakes and what fake pounds do,
they made the walls where I tried to break ground through,
while I made applause to the thoughts i make sound to,
didn't reach out? coo, Nadda thing, cause few gotta dream,
and i had a lot to prove I can be, badda bean,
I put my own crew on tha scene,
and no body did what we'd do audibly,
we were true raw mc's, and as for hip hop Utah's was pleased,
even that turned blue dabba di, and kinda died if you want the truth honestly, I learned not all will be what you wanna see,


I've always been focused on point "B" It's how I keep my "A" Game face,
I don't shoot for points I won't "C", strong "D" my shots are straight aim laced,
I learned that it isn't where you from, and that it isn't where your at,
you think it is then you're dumb, because it's what you build from that,
It don't matter how many times you've failed, When you're the last one standing then you're undeniable,
then the ones that didn't help when you tried to build, it'll be fun to watch what they try and pull.

(Verse 3)
and now a lot of city advocates,
think salt lake is the next Minneapolis,
and kids wanna gimme daps for this,
look up to me as if I'm about to do what Atmos did,
now thats a trip,
I still chill in these troubled waters uphill with my paddles dipped, but their faith instilled makes things a bit real so I man this canoe like a battleship, from where I started and gone since, I've been a martyr to progress,
but in a constant barter with my conscience,
and still haven't found it smarter to stop yet,
cause hardships are just apart of the job specs,
so if i had a better place to start I'd have to start fresh,
Here I am...and will I work hard .. yes,
and whats to come next is any of our guess.
but If you build it hey will come,
your wasting too much time trying to satisfy the dumb,
holding your breath only sacrificed a lung
for a chance that you'd become,
better off with some other place to start from
Track Name: Doomsday Charades
(Verse 1)
They say dooms day is comin comin,
but I don't see a new place for running from it,
and I don't think soothsayers a hundred on it,
but if it is who say they done what they wanted,
I can only speak for myself, don't try to say much,
speak on what I've seen from myself, that aint much,
every time I felt what I thought I saw the paint smudged,
the big picture differs up in here with every faint touch, (Blahblahblah)
is what I hear from all these lame ducks,
fitting in a lot of words that all just say the same stuff, (blahblahblah)
I wonder what they say once,
they find in their life is when judgement day comes,
They just wear a smile the sake of seeming cheerio,
wake up saying here we go, today could be miracle,
but in a weary tone, its feels as though,
they sang this song and they know the way the lyrics go,
but they don't hear em though, it hits their ear and goes,
right on through to the next exiting the nearest hole,
they're in their world I can tell by appearance so,
when worlds collide I can see that the tears will go,

And they say dooms day is comin comin,
but I don't see a new place for running from it,
and I don't think soothsayers a hundred on it,
and if it is who say they done what they wanted,

And they say dooms day is comin comin,
And they say dooms day is comin comin,
And they say dooms day is comin comin,
And they say dooms day is comin comin,

(Verse 2)
You're all afraid of the meteorite,
thats careening with light,
with the intent to impede on your rights,
but this is life, and you can be what you like,
but days are disappearing like there is a thief in the night, yuhh
so be prepared for a reason to fight,
cause when your cookie cutter world ain't as easy as pie,
you'll eat the cake you want to keep and then see it good bye,
and be consumed by your world, feasting your eyes,
don't be surprised your heavens upsetting hell,
it all stops turns your head into 2012,
and all you have is what's left of your petty self,
to pick pick pick pick up the pieces with out any help,
what happens when what we don't know matters,
and everything we do know holds no status,
no place to hide from these stones thrown at us,
and our glass atmosphere of our snow globe shatters

Track Name: You'll Never Be
I don't know how let her get in my head like this. Every night she speaks the ugliest words I've ever heard. She makes them sound so beautiful. I'd tell her to leave but ya know I'm a sucker for a pretty voice.

(Verse 1)
I've put thought into pressing the button,
bring rest to the stress and the suffering,
every cd pressed is a press of my luck and,
im unconvinced it'll manifest into something,
mad depressed over nothing, a few ppl insync that i run with,
should communicate but instinct keeps the tongue bit,
when i do speak i want it to sink in but it doesn't,
some people show love and I trust it,
some say with a smile all the while i can see for a mile,
through your eyes of denial and can tell you're disgusted,
but thanks for the gesture, a little taste of the mess here,
if im on time for the mic check, im late when the rents near,
unwind from my mindset, ill wind up in next year,
bearing hind site, i didn't make it my best year,
so Kim, Manifest that, hey dumby are we out of this yet,
I sit here with cannabis breath,
and everytime i smoke i just count the missteps,
the amount of mishaps, the peppermint shnaps,
in a town i just wrecked, my name and other things im bound to regret,
can't wait till im sound asleep yet, she sing out to me again singing

(Verse 2)
A rough road with a polished brain,
all work no play for the smallest gain,
it's in my blood but is it all in vain,
if all i know is not enough who will fall to blame,
is it all the same,
does every commitment or promise made become a ball and chain,
and is knowing when to saw my leg,
gonna null and void me from a walk of shame,
its off with this head, lost it again, not gonna get caught in this web,
often i let this box that I'm in, stop my intent, clog in the vent, toxic inlet, that embodies me,
and inside i bleed, ripped by the seem, gripped by the dream, I slip honestly, into abyss probably, letting it swallow, voices calling me, I'm following, the siren to my odyssey,
(you'll never be) shut the fuck up, I don't know whats what,
with this temptress, in my head pressed up on telling me my lucks up,
but she seems like a marriage type, argue when I don't care to fight,
better or for worst and I'm scared she'll be there for life,
she never cooks but I know whats prepared tonight,
another fight on life's long horse and carriage ride,
Track Name: Snake In The Road
There's a fork in the grass, a snake in the road,
there's somebody waiting to say thats not how the saying goes,
Thats a person in the painting, you're focused on his pose,
and its worth a thousand guesses till its how the story goes,

(Verse 1)
sobriety's a new friend, we met on new years eve we did,
his girls, clarity, a good look with decent tits,
I met them through my dude knowledge, he's legit,
and reason too, he's who I always see reason with,
when I met sobriety they gave my keys to him,
said with out him I really didn't need the whip,
and in a drunken mess, we laughed when freedom slipped,
and landed on a table face plastered in frito dip,

The party was fun tho, everybody buddy buddy gung ho,
except for freedom, caught at the front door,
kinda bloodied, coming from a cut forehead,
we said you're to stay but he said what for,
struggle came between us, our mutual aquaintence,
nobody likes him, he's something that we maintenance,
he's all of up in my face with that step off or taste fist,
struggles knuckles always have been known to graze lips,
freedom stood there, tension peeling off the paint chips,
I ducked as struggle swung for a brain cyst,
I know struggle and all the move he came with,
so as big as he seemed. he is wasn't' all that dangerous,
I almost kicked knowledge, he was out of range,
I'm kinda glad missed because it showed me I was aimless,
the hommie reason knocked struggle out,
music came back on and freedom stopped hung around

Temptation, looking for the crown,
gets by when the guards looking at the ground,
just waiting, looking at me now,
with a pistol to put up to my brow, pow pow.
he shoots, I duck n' run, whistling while they ricochet,
weaving between entry wounds, giddy up in my get away
temptation, telling me to give in,
and he won't let me remember to forget him,
he gotta trigger finger with a bullet in the chamber,
and an enemy symptom POW POW
pressure on the trigger, its Triggering the pressure,
his gestures getting bigger, I'm still figuring its measures

Temptation gotta gun, that'll make my head explode,
I can't hide stop or run, he knows my genetic code,
I don't think this party's fun, its time they be heading home,
but there's one of me and a lot of em, and a grave is the only thing set in stone,
its a party over here fuck you over there.. better take a mental note

Track Name: D**k Head Blues
(Verse 1)
Its much easier for me to blame the weather,
then to come to correlation I don't have it all together,
I've been appalled forever made my skin so thick,
that if I slept on pins and needles i'd still sleep in,
I used to think it was a race against the clock,
I find out its not cause the clocks manipulated by my mind,
Now when i feel like every second I'm losing track of time,
I guess it really means Im loosing grip on what is mine,
the water's fine in the sea of misery,
Im heading south powered by a freezing arctic breeze,
at least I have direction but I'm really hard to please,
specially when my foundation hosts a million sharks to feed,
so pardon me while I adapt my surroundings,
a million fish here wanna eat me while I'm drowning,
politely I'll ask you just to leave me where you found me,
I'm making a splash but its just the struggle sounding,
My pounding heart has always been the loaner,
with no insurance with its hard to be the owner,
its so big that if it breaks down I can't afford to tow her,
so on my license I gladly put the Y under donor,
YUH I put the Y under donor,
put the why over my head like why is this on my shoulders,
Im rioting with this system that's sitting between both ears,
mechanical, untraceable by soul see-ers ,
I'd hold tears if I had glands,
bionic man who's not advanced enough to have emotions attached,
focus is my obligation so my brain is a trap,
sometimes concentration, is a concentration camp,
ever wonder why my eyes seem so distant,
fake feeling alive trying not to seem like a dick head,
well its because life doesn't come with an assistant,
not all security blankets fold out to have a picnic,
so take your bucket of kentucky fried chicken,
there's no wish bones only rat poison and stricken,
voices in this head that i sit in,
when all of em are yours you have no choice but to listen,

I feel like, the point of impact,
a diesel kiss press my lips back,
tasting the inertia that is intact,
I hit it full force as it hits back,
my head is saying this ones gonna end bad,
it talks about my friends fam, back whens, then back,
to if Pat live will he need a skin graff,
Im in between the life flash and the pitch black,
between some guys dash and a lit past,
where adrenaline makes the heart catapult,
and Im a beat from being added to a car fax report,
before the beat ends and the paperwork is done,
where the depth of a last breath marinates my lung,
I reach a level of acceptance of the fate to come,
thats where I'm stuck at, uncomfortably numb
Track Name: The Mask or Face
I blamed it on the mask for how well it fit your face,
the mask's the only thing i've learn to hate,
now its a shame we'd have to ask which one I would embrace,
arms out i'd hope for something great,
The day came when I saw passed and it was good to see your face,
your disease hid your beauty behind the buzz,
and I say this all because, I know what it is what it was,
I no longer blame the drugs, I've just accepted addictions stronger then love.

(Verse 1)
mouth still sour, how I cowered to her lack of will power,
now im bowing over both knees sobbing how her,
drunken flower reared the fruits of a final hour,
while temptation tried to take a bite, take a bite out her,
never had a choice in your health,
self inflicted damage till your body tried to poison itself,
it's probably thinking suicides likely the only way out,
so see ya hommie im out,
if im not even worth this bottle that you drown me in now,
abandon the ship, abandon the kids, r
ock bottom's easy when your feet are bound to some bricks,
and only thing that helps you forget is pounding a fifth,
each fifth measured how far down you were until you found your abyss


(Verse 2)
stronger then your will to try, stronger then your will to live,
and then will let you die, masked your heart soul and mind,
so human like nobody thought there was another you inside,
saw the two in time felt you chose the side that ruined lives,
I found my blackest suit tie, when i drew my lines,
and saw it circled addiction and suicide, lines that separated you and I,
told myself if she loved me the she would chose my side,
and i believed that stupid lie,
mother knew one more would kill her, with the booze from the distiller,
but with in her lived the killer, hunting for murder weapon,
80 proof press lips to fill her, tied the noose around the liver,
killer vanished into thin air, left the hospital to step in,
yellow hues her skin color, there was juice left still fueling her,
killer will come back to get her, but ill be there for protecting,
un-human what's in her innards, who controlled all of her benders,
but i have unmasked the killer, and that killer is addiction,
Track Name: An Unnoticed Serenade ft Burnell Washburn and JNatural
(Verse 1 Burnell Washburn)
And I was lying when I told you I was okay,
It's been a long year, watch these blonde hairs go grey
pull em out, make a brush, paint a monet
cut off an ear just to hear what you won't say
pick you flowers, place em' in a bouquet
hope they last for these shows I gotta go play
give you love, it doesn't matter what you use it for
until I'm done cruisin' tours you'll think I love the music more
and honestly right now, I don't know how I feel
lord give me a sign - I've got my eyes peeled
I'd kill -just to have a normal life
but then I'd get bored of life
there's gotta be more to life
so I board the flight
transition like a quarter pipe
follow my soul and i'm knowing to the core it's right
test these wings - make sure it flies
til' we're on the same plane baby let me soar these skies

(Verse 3 Pat Maine)
I'd be lying if I said that I'm dying,
and lying if I said that I'm fine,
Im as far as i am close to both,
Im just ok since the truth is so hard to find,
behind my heartbeat a carcass hides,
throwing my hands in the air as if to part the skies,
wish I saw your eyes when I apologized,
or at least the eyelids I bet they crawled behind,
keep her free and you don't have to set her free,
I kept her free and she chose to stand next to me,
close enough for me to make a whole mess of things,
I slam the door on love again close sesame,
I sit at home and bless a beat,
use this new hole in my soul tilt me upright and empty me,
and let the music in with no entry fee,
I down the poison just to taste the remedy
Track Name: Doom Drop ft YZE
(Verse 1 Pat Maine)
You should know I smiled when I wrote this,
im proud of what i've done and have yet to lose focus,
proud of the impact i've left on 4 kids,
they prove to me great things aren't left unnoticed,
thankful for my teammates and my opponents,
now i think clear when the reception is bogus,
don't believe in god but to something I owe this,
I think I owe hip hop.. but all I really know is,
somehow this culture found me in a forrest,
tought me how to win instead of caring what the score says,
now pain, is paint to make pretty little portraits,
and climactic build ups for me to bring the chorus in

I find it all through high beams of a tour bus,
I find reward in a live screaming performance,
its all my eye's have seen as important,
I'm just living toward what im living for, (REPEAT)

(Verse 2)
lasso on a star, kingdom on a wish,
I keep it moving like an axel on a car,
castle in a jar, freedom with a twist,
off lid, the side's gotta handle for the haul,
liven for the chase, tables on a turn,
I ride the earth as it's spinning into space,
my cities in a haze, the lake could never burn,
you just feel the smog settle in your brain,
starlit mind thinks astro logically,
they fly on a crash course policy,
when convenience has no quality,
I just do me and hope the cash flow follows me,
to that I solemly swear, money is common but where,
do I honestly fair, without my song in the air,
all that's me is in this pen that writes the song that I sing,
and that's all in my pocket to spare


(Verse 3 Yze)
Somebody asked me why rhymin words was important,
I dont make em rhyme, I give em purpose,
I couldnt tell ya why I stay so determined.
Theres somethin in the verses that keeps the world turnin,
I think I honestly understand the flow,
That little bit of jump between the mic & the soul,
When its done right, place it under stage lights.
Lose the fake smile. Watch the world let go,
I made a lot of friends I lost even more,
I dont keep the wins cause I aint keepin score,
I kept the heart ache tryin to save a moment,
Try to make it yours. Try to keep it golden,
It gives the words purpose If you didnt notice,
I was smilin when I wrote this.